Thursday, November 21, 2013

Health care: we can do it better….

I'm sick of this website fiasco.....President Obama has failed to keep the focus on the real story line: we're taking real (OK, real baby) steps forward to improve health care in America, and more and more people are getting health insurance, and more steps forward are needed.

Of course the whole rollout/website have big problems. Do the words "stupid," "blundering" come to mind?....

But that's a's not the issue.....and it's not the public policy.

I wish the politicians and the insurance companies and the news media and the cable TV talking heads would do more to explain the Affordable Care Act, and help people to sign up, instead of squabbling with or cheering for the contestants, and throwing eggs at them....

Americans want better, more accessible, more cost-effective health care….and everyone should pay for health insurance….that's the story.


  1. You've got to be kidding. I'm to pay for Joe Blows health insurance? With what? My labor, my earnings, my assets. What if Joe smoked, used crack cocaine and got AIDS and now he needs hundred of thousands of dollars of health care. Oh let me and you pay to take care of a person who destroyed his life by his lewd lustful lascivious and worthless life style. Boy that doesn't even seem fair in a Communist state. Feel free to send Joe whatever charity you wish and I will do the same but don't force me

    1. I share the concern of Anonymous that this irresponsible Joe guy is getting health care on the public dime, that is, my dime and your dime. Joe can walk into an Emergency Room anywhere in the U.S. and get emergency treatment, even if he can't pay. That's why the Affordable Care Act mandates that everyone must buy his/her own health insurance.