Friday, March 8, 2013

Another reason we need health care reform…

Wow. More than 1 out of 4 Texans have no health insurance. Other people are paying for the health care they get. You're one of them.

According to Gallup, for the fifth straight year Texas has the highest uninsured rate of all 50 states. Almost 29% of Texas residents have no health care coverage.

Massachusetts is the best-insured state, only 4.5% of Bay State residents don't have any coverage. Among all states, the average is 16.9%.

So, who is paying for the health care that all these uninsured Texans are getting every day?

OK, maybe it's not the best health care in every case, but this is America, the people who get banged up in the three-car pileup on I-10 are going to get medical treatment even if they don't have an insurance card.

Some of  these uninsured folks in the Lone Star State are going to break an arm today, and they're going to get emergency room treatment.

Some of the ladies are going to have a baby in a hospital today, and get a doctor's attention.

Some of them are poor and old and unable to care for themselves, and they're in some version of the Shady Rest County Home, getting some kind of health care today even if they're not getting many visitors.

Who's paying for all this?
Somebody is paying for it.
If you pay federal taxes, you're helping to pay for it.


  1. Maybe your statistic was including illegal aliens which probably makes up 25%of Texas population. While we're fixing health care lets get the illegals sent home!

    1. Anonymous neglected to mention that most of the grown-up illegal aliens are working at jobs that comfortable Americans won't touch. Sending the illegals home isn't the answer --- making them full-fledged, fully tax-paying citizens makes sense to me.