Saturday, February 28, 2015

The good thing is….

The good thing is....

Republicans and Democrats in Congress managed to hold the vomit down late last night, long enough to avoid a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security for a whole week.

You remember what Homeland Security does: mostly it protects America against terrorists, and it also guards our borders to make sure not too many of those pesky illegal immigrants come across to do those hard, nasty jobs that most Americans won’t do.

The bad thing is….

Waiting until there’s only an hour and 45 minutes left before the Homeland Security department has to legally shut down before scrambling to pass a wretched one-week funding extension is really not governing….it’s a pathetic parody of government.

You remember Punch, the puppet who loves to bash everyone with his stick. The folks in post-Shakespeare London called it the “slapstick.” Now, this is a rough approximation….say that the current Congress is a Punch and Judy show, with this difference: “Punch” is certain Republicans in Congress. “Judy” is you. And me.

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