Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why tax breaks for beer brewers?

American beer brewing companies—the big industrial brewers and the micro/craft brewers—are squabbling with each other and with their beholden congressional representatives about proposed corporate tax breaks.

The big brewers and the small brewers are pushing for reductions in the $18-a-barrel federal excise tax on beer, and they’re arguing about who should get the biggest cuts.

Good grief. Why would anyone in Congress even think about giving a gratuitous tax break to beer brewers?

Brewing beer is a fairly stable industry. It’s not a big factor in international trade. It's profitable. Drinking beer is still pretty popular, but it’s not a real growth industry. 

There isn’t any public policy or societal or economic reason to give brewers a tax break.

They just want one.

It’s a bad idea.

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  1. Canning is the future. And freshness.