Saturday, May 16, 2015

B. B. King, R. I. P.

Let’s hear it for Mr. B. B. King!

I have a bright memory of seeing and hearing the King of the Blues a long time ago, in the late ‘80s, on Long Island, with my son.

B. B. King was an exemplar of the man, the performer, the artist, the one-of-a-kind guy who can do what so many others wish they could do, who does it with clear mastery, savoir faire, élan, humble talent, spirit, love….

Listening to the old dudes like B. B. King helped me learn to understand that the blues speak to me, the blues go deep, the blues excite our primitive enjoyment of rhythm and beat and the timeless sound of music….

Music is essentially human, and the blues is an over-sexed call to be in love, the blues conjures the friend you want when a friend may be the only good thing in your life, the blues is comfort food for the ears and the heart, the blues helps you share the pain when you feel the pain….

Wherever B. B. King went, he made the blues happen.

Farewell to Mr. B. B. King!

Riley B. King (1925-2015), R. I. P.

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