Monday, May 11, 2015

There is only one Bond.

There is only one Bond. James Bond, that is.
Connery. Sean Connery.

In May 1963 Ian Fleming’s super-good-guy James Bond splashed across the cinema screens, in the person of Sean Connery. Dr. No was a big hit, and Connery was the big reason for it.

A lot of folks didn’t know Connery’s name then. He had done some stage and television stuff, and several movie parts, but he wasn’t a star. He wasn’t the first pick for James Bond, either. Cary Grant, James Mason and David Niven topped him on the producers’ wish list.

I became a fan of Connery-as-Bond. He was brash, had the dash, loved the ladies in his whimsical but full-hearted way, and he could do damn near anything to bring the bad guys to heel. Loved his car, too. And Miss Moneypenny, oh! the love lost….

I’m not even going to mention the other guys who have played Agent 007 over the years, I really don’t think any of them are fit to grab Connery’s martini shaker.

Here’s a thing I just learned: our Scotsman was invited to play the part of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings series. He told an interviewer that he declined because he “didn’t understand” the script. OK by me. Honestly, I like Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey/the White about as much as I like Mr. Connery as James Bond.

Gandalf. James Gandalf.
It doesn’t quite rock.

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