Friday, October 16, 2015

No, no, it's the interview....

OK, guys, remember when you used to hide your purloined copy of Playboy magazine in the trash can behind the garage? And you assumed your parents never found it there….

Keeping in mind that the good old days never were as good as they used to be, it does seem to be true that it was different times and marginally more wholesome times and more civilized sinful pleasures back in 1975 when Playboy sold 5.6 million copies every month.

Now the big news is that Playboy editors and Hugh Hefner Himself have decided to clean up their act a bit and stop plastering fully nude women in the centerfold. Partially nude is going to have to do, lads and lassies, that’s what the reality is. Anyway, you were reading Playboy for the high-class interview, right?

Too much internet porn competition, I presume, is the main reason that Playboy’s current circulation is down around 800,000.

I think I’m tired of talking about this.

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