Saturday, October 3, 2015

"That's not my job."

My long-considered view of “job security” is this:

The purpose of an organization (business or nonprofit) is to do something of value to someone and to persist in doing that. I like the CEO whose notion of “corporate mission” was “We aim to stay in business forever.”

I think a company’s mission should be to successfully (profitably or within non-profit budget) produce something of value, provide it to the customer/patron/beneficiary and do the same thing tomorrow and tomorrow…..thus, for both owners and workers, a meaningful job is going to be there tomorrow, too.

Every member of the organization should know that his/her job is to make the organization successful, first and foremost.

During my career, I always hated it when someone said “That’s not my job.”  The scope of every worker’s responsibilities should be simple and quite broad, including stuff that coworkers do. 

Everyone should understand that the universal task is to make the organization successful in the long run and provide job security for all who want it.

The righteous goal of an organization isn’t to “get bigger” or “make more profit in the next quarter.” 

That’s an unattainable goal, de facto, for all organizations in their collective operations. Moreover, it’s in violation of all the right stuff.

p.s. I frankly admit that the foregoing is my fantasy world. Reality really sucks.

Thanks to my trusted personal advisor for helping me to clarify my views.

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