Monday, October 26, 2015

The art of Jack Myers

Jack Elliott Myers (1941-2009) was a prolific writer who had been Poet Laureate of Texas in 2003.

I knew nothing of his work before I read “Fragment” recently on the A Year Of Being Here website.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Remember when you were little
  …you weren't afraid of anything in life
  because there wasn't any difference
  between everything in life and you?
  Remember how large you felt?”

This offers electrifying clarity of imagination and an invitation to think, suddenly, in focus, about your innermost awareness of self.

That’s a fabulous outcome bubbling out of a few words.

Wish I’d said that.

Note: The curator of A Year of Being Here mentions that the provenance of the poem and the identity of the poet are not explicitly known, but that Myers is the likely author.

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