Monday, October 12, 2015

Sit down before you read this….

Saturday Night Live premiered 40 years ago in October 1975.


Perhaps you were in bliss before you read that, forgetting all the years that piled up since you laughed your ass off watching the newly-hatched antics of Chevy and Belushi and Gilda and Garrett and Jane and Laraine.

They hid nothing from the camera or the viewer. George Carlin was the guest host on the first night. That takes you back, right? Steve Martin hosted the show 14 times. Not enough.

For my taste, no cast and no crew of writers have ever, ever come close to matching the delicately balanced chaos of fun and needlepoint roasting that the original gang cooked up week after week.

Sure, Doug and Wendy Whiner were good, and Church Lady was a snootful, and The Ambiguously Gay Duo broke a few hearts….and the 1975 lineup didn’t have Sarah Palin to fool around with….

But all else fades to black when you savor these words:
"Roseanne Roseannadanna"

Gimme Chevy and Jane and John B. and Gilda and the bunch anytime, even if I’m too old to fall off the couch laughing….

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