Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Do you cross bridges?

Of course you do.

There’s a real good chance you’ve crossed an unsafe bridge in the last week or so.

Last year it was estimated that 61,000 bridges in the United States are “structurally deficient.” 

There’s a good chance you’ve driven across a few of them.

The thing is, nearly everywhere in America we’re way behind in maintenance and repair of our highway and transportation infrastructure—the roadways, bridges, tunnels, traffic lights, access ramps….

The American Society of Civil Engineers says we need to spend about $3.3 TRILLION in the next 10 years to get back on track.

Only about $1.8 trillion is budgeted, and our feckless legislators can’t be counted on to actually appropriate all that money.

We’re in a hole, and it’s getting deeper. bluntly reported it this way:
“President Obama, speaking at a news conference earlier this month, blamed the nation’s infrastructure woes on Republicans who have ‘been resistant to really taking on this problem in a serious way, and the reason is because of an ideology that says government spending is necessarily bad.’ "

Let’s tell the whole truth: Democrats in Congress and in state legislatures have also been unwilling to raise taxes as needed to make our bridges and tunnels and roads safe, and make improvements and expand capacity where needed.

For starters, we need to boost the federal gas tax—it hasn’t been changed since 1993!—so that the people who use our highways and bridges pay more to maintain them.

Every one of the states should be increasing their state gas taxes to pay for state and local transportation repairs.

And we’ll talk about mass transit expansion another time.

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