Saturday, May 7, 2016

Truth about Trump

Trump is not a tide sweeping the country.

Of course, he is on track to win the Republican nomination—but he’s a minority candidate in every respect. He’s a fringe candidate. The vanity, greed and incompetence of the other Republican candidates helped make Trump the top dog. The news media have given him a mostly free ride.

Trump has received about 10.7 million votes so far—that’s less than 4.5 percent of the eligible voters in America. He has collected about 40 percent of the Republican votes.

Clinton has received about 12.6 million votes so far—that’s a little over 5 percent of the electorate nationwide. She is, nevertheless, a majority candidate—she’s received about 57 percent of Democratic votes.

Sanders has collected 9.4 million votes, almost as many as Trump.

Here’s the main point: Trump’s on track to be the GOP nominee, but he’s not the leader of the party. He is so much a creature of the fawning media attention that has handed him an obscenely large share of TV and online air time. He has cultivated anger among the fearful.

E. J. Dionne, on, makes the sobering point that we all need to resist “…every attempt to move Trump into the political mainstream…”

Trump isn’t normal. His candidacy isn’t normal. He’s dangerous for America. 

Vote for someone else in November.

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