Monday, May 2, 2016

Over 7,000 people of color…

More than 7,000 people of color are added to the population of America every day.

Ditto for about 1,000 white folks.

The U. S. population is about 322 million right now—about 63 percent white and 37 percent persons of color. In 1965, the ratio was 88 percent white and 12 percent persons of color.

Today, the majority of all births are babies of color—that is, not of Caucasian heritage.

Some people in politics are hatefully flailing at this profound and accelerating demographic shift.

Let’s be honest: skin color and heritage are two of the least useful ways to differentiate people, and two of the most disgusting ways to exploit and fire up the prejudices of folks who are motivated by ill-informed fears.

Let’s commit ourselves to friendly humanity, to engaging civilly with our new neighbors. Let’s remind ourselves that in less than 30 years white folks may cease to be the majority in America.

Let’s welcome all new Americans, and let’s get on with living.

See Brown Is The New White, a newly published book by Steve Phillips.

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