Thursday, February 16, 2012

Job Creators: Look what GE is doing!

I've been flogging the job creators for failing to show up at the party. So, I'm happy to give credit to General Electric Co. for its announced plans to hire 5,000 American veterans over the next five years.

Good show, GE! and a high five to CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who also happens to be heading up President Obama's American jobs council.

So, memo to all you job creators out there, especially the ones who aren't siding with the Re-Elect Obama team: Get to work! Create some jobs!

Corporate taxes are the lowest they've been in years! That doggone "uncertainty" that apparently freezes you in your tracks? It's disappearing day by day…

Hug an unemployed person today! Tell us all about it!

(...and of course, it will be of interest, in 2017, to look back and find out if GE actually did hire 5,000 vets and if they were net, new jobs....still, this is good news today.)

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  1. how many jobs has Immelt sent over seas since he became job czar. 5000 out of a work force of 304,000 Wow that's .02% but spread out over 5 years that brings it down to .004% a year. What about the post office who gives any vet an advantage over a non-vet. Did it get stimulus money? I don't think so! How much taxes did G.E. pay?? ZERO They should be ashamed.