Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maine caucuses: a very few have spoken....

That silence you were hearing yesterday in Maine was the sound of votes being counted in the Republican caucuses.

Yes, as the Washington Post reported, "Mitt Romney wins support of Maine caucus-goers"

But gee whiz, in the final count, Mitt racked up 2,190 votes…folks, that's less than one per cent of the registered Republicans in the state. Maine has roughly 260,000 GOP voters, and more than 99% of them did NOT vote for Romney yesterday.

Only about 5,600 of them voted for ANYBODY yesterday…I bet you can find more people than that lined up to buy tickets for a Madonna concert, probably even in Maine….

MSNBC reports Romney win

So, really, what happened is, the very partisan few turned out to do their civic duty, we honor them for that…..(and if there had been a Democratic contest, probably more or less same story)

But really, honestly, what happened in the Pine Tree State yesterday can't mean much, and if Wolf Blitzer and the folks at Fox News and the other talking heads hadn't used all their air time on it yesterday, I imagine not many of us would feel deprived, or sadder, or less informed….

Anyway, the Maine caucuses are non-binding, they don't elect delegates who are required to vote for a particular candidate, think "beauty contest" kind of thing, nobody locked up any delegates yesterday……

Or think of Macbeth's reflective soliloquy…now of course he wasn't thinking of the Maine caucuses when he said this, but still, you know, the over-the-top news coverage and all…."it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

The Nevada caucuses, the same story...

The Iowa guessed it

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