Friday, February 10, 2012

To All Job Creators: Do your thing (part 5)

…this is another call for the Job Creators!

Pepsico says it will dump 8,700 employees worldwide in a "restructuring" move.

Jeez, George Clooney could easy make another movie, maybe two…

Pepsico's bad news

Pepsico—worldwide maker of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Quaker Oats, snacks and other foods—pulled in $66 billion last year, including net income of $6.5 billion (up from $6.3 billion in the prior year). Tell that to the 8,700 folks who will lose their jobs. The Pepsi ain't gonna fizz for them anymore.

I'm waiting to hear about all the job creators who are stepping up to replace those Pepsico folks who thought just a few days ago that they were happily working for one of the world's great companies.

It's prime time for the job creators! Politics shouldn't be getting in the way. A lot of powerful people should take their eyes off the presidential race, and focus on getting down to business.

Right now, taxes on businesses—including the elusively-defined small businesses—are the lowest they've been in decades.

Memo to Job Creators: Get to work! Do your thing! Do a cable news spot and talk about it!

Hey, if you see or hear anything about the job creators stepping up to the plate here, send me the link, will you?

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