Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A turning point...maybe

Here are my official predictions for tonight's Republican presidential primaries in Michigan and Arizona:

1. It's all over for Romney.

2. Santorum now the front-runner.

3. Romney locks up the nomination with strong wins.

4. Santorum surge is over.

5. Romney can't nail it down yet.

6. Mixed day for Santorum, but he's still in the race.

7. GOP voters still mostly anti-Romney

8. GOP swinging away from Santorum.

9. This race will be decided on Super Tuesday.

10. The polls have been wrong, this new poll is right.

Pick the one that works for you, you can always change your mind throughout the day until the actual results come in tonight.

My revised predictions will be available tomorrow.

Some game theory...

Just speechless.....

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