Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Mitt wins ugly"

You said it. Actually, that's the big headline on Politico's home page  right now. I predicted this yesterday. (Like the media and cable news talking heads, I actually predicted every conceivable outcome yesterday, it isn't too hard to do…..)

So what's ugly about Mitt Romney winning big in Arizona, and winning by several percentage points in Michigan? Well, for starters, the millions of dollars in negative TV advertising, and the endless spew of personal attacks by Romney and Santorum…and the pathetically obvious fact that media reports this morning already are discounting Romney's victories yesterday: "it's make or break for Romney/Santorum/Gingrich is next week's Super Tuesday primary lineup!", the game doesn't end for the media, they're on to the next hype….

And, with some reluctance, I mention the 1,871 citizens in Arizona who voted for Rick Perry, and the 1,910 like-minded citizens of Michigan who voted for the hapless Texas governor, and the 1,765 folks in Michigan who couldn't stop themselves from voting for Michele Bachmann, and the 1,732 dreamers who went for Huntsman, and the 1,243 slightly out-of-it folks who voted for, well, for Herman Cain.

Now, I admit that I've voted for Mickey Mouse for president once or twice in my life when I couldn't hold my nose tight enough to vote for either the Republican or the Democrat…but I now view such throwaway votes as a sort of failure, I'm not completely convinced about this but it's the way I'm thinking now, I want my vote to have as much impact as possible on choosing the person who will be elected… for a candidate who's no longer running may be privately glorious, but it's of little help to the commonwealth.

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