Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trump endorsement, root canal...

So, funny story, a presidential candidate walks into a bar and says "I just got an endorsement from Donald Trump." A minute later another contender for the nomination walks in, and says "I just had a root canal procedure in my dentist's office." Which guy gets a drink on the house from the lady tending bar?

I know, I know, you say it depends…..well, sure. What's the bartender's politics?.....or maybe she doesn't give a rat's, you know……or maybe she's handing out the drink as a sort of high five…..or maybe she's the sympathetic type and she's thinking, here, have a drink and you'll feel better….

Which candidate gets your vote?

You really can't decide, can you?
…..just like a lot of Republicans in Nevada….

1 comment:

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