Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Don't vote for incumbents!

The Gallup polling organization reports again that 90% of Americans don't like "the job Congress is doing." That's an all-time low….and by the way, Republicans and Democrats give essentially the same answers.

That's not hard to understand. What, exactly, is Congress doing? The real answer is: nothing much.

The current batch of 535 elected senators and Representatives has actually passed less legislation than any Congress in recent history, or maybe since the dawn of time…..and it's obviously true that Congress has done doggone little to try to boost our national economic growth or stimulate the creation of more jobs.

OK, we all know this.

So, here's my question: why didn't Gallup also ask all those survey respondents why they keep voting to send their incumbent senators and representatives back to Congress? Incumbents keep winning re-election, in some cases by very handy majorities.

Who are the people who diss Congress, but vote time after time to send their local pols back to Washington? Even if they love their congressperson, isn't it obvious that he/she isn't doing the job as part of the whole bunch who are grotesquely failing to do what's right for America and Americans?

And another thing: who are the 10% who think Congress is doing a good job? What remarkable alternative reality frames their thinking? Can there be 10% of Americans who really aren't capable of understanding their own self-interest?

Realistically, if you think Congress is doing a great job, you have wrong ideas about the stability of our civil society, the economics of our social/governmental infrastructure and the dangerously worsening environmental future of our planet…..which, by the way, is the place where your grandchildren will grow up….

What's the point?

I don't get it....

I didn't get it before either....

Another take on fighting incumbents:

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  1. Rick--

    Your post fails to account for the singular contributions of the GOTP party to Congress' inability to pass legislation that might help create jobs. I am sure you know that Boehner and McConnell, the Bobbsey Twins of Capitol Hill, have oft pronounced their commitment to make Obama's administration a failure. In doing so, they have frequently sold the American worker (and anyone else who would benefit from an improved US economy) down the pike.