Saturday, August 25, 2012

We're cooking the planet….(part 5)

We're cooking the planet.

Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution in England in the late 18th century we've transformed our business, commercial and cultural activities in ways that degraded Earth's atmosphere and changed planetary climate conditions. Nearly all of the scientists in the world say that's a fact.

Item: Ice in the Arctic seas is melting faster than ever before, and ice cover in the Arctic ocean is shrinking.

My grandchildren and your grandchildren are going to be living on a planet that is less hospitable than it is now for us. That makes me want to do things to start correcting the mistakes we've made with fossil fuels and environmental carelessness.

It's not just the lefty, tree-hugging, nature-loving environmentalists like the folks at  who are saying this, just in the last few days take a look at:

Huffington Post


The Guardian


Business week

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