Thursday, September 27, 2012

Immigration: yet another bottom line…

Item:  in Georgia, "growers of seven perishable, hand-picked crops such as blackberries and peppers have already lost an estimated $150 million" this season because they couldn't find enough workers to pick them, after the state enacted an anti-illegal immigrant law in July 2011. See this recent report on by Craig Regelbrugge, VP for Government Relations, American Nursery and Landscape Association.

Before the law was passed, the Pew Hispanic Center estimated there were 425,000 illegal immigrants in Georgia. I wonder how many there are now?

I wonder how many Georgians missed their freshly-picked blackberries?

I wonder how many small Georgian farmers went out of business?

Item:  ditto in California, where some crops weren't picked this year because no workers showed up to pick them.

a different bottom line on immigration...

Immigration: one of the bottom lines

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