Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's hear it for The Old Sock….

Now, I don't know Eric Clapton or David Bowie personally, but I wish I could know Clapton well enough to call him "Old Sock," which is apparently how Bowie thinks of him….

Anyway, Clapton decided to use the Bowie-inspired moniker for his latest album release, "Old Sock," handled by Surfdog Records. See some info here, it's available on iTunes for $10.99.

It's Clapton's 21st album, have to say it's not vintage Clapton by my lights, but it does have much more than a hint of Eric's infatuation with reggae, and that's not all bad….

This latest oeuvre is very definitely an "aged in the wood" Clapton, a wholesomely senior Clapton who's doing what he likes to do….the cuts are laid back, and, I guess, very personal.

I checked a coupla times to confirm that this release does NOT include "Mellow Yellow," but that oldie wouldn't be doing any harm in this collection.

Try it, enjoy, don't forget the single malt, that goes nicely….

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