Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why are "red states" the federal "welfare states"??

You can ask your mommy a lot of questions, including big questions like this one.

Mommy probably knows the answer to this one, or at least part of the answer….

Probably you do too….

For example, Mississippi is one of the states that sucks up far more federal spending per capita than it pays in federal taxes – and that's big time, Mississippians get almost $3 worth of federal spending and benefits for every dollar they pay in personal and corporate federal taxes. Only two states (New Mexico and Alaska) get more.

De facto, in the simplest terms of pocketbook politics, Mississippians actually love the federal government. In this simplistic view, they should be loving President Obama down in Mississippi.

I wonder why 90% of white voters in Mississippi went for the other guy last November?


  1. clearly I wouldn't question you statistic but I am curious as to exactly what it includes....Total fed. money ie from all sources: stimulous, student loans; welfare; disability insurance; FEMA due to hurricanes; agricultural subsidies; food stamps; S.S.; military pay and bases; grants; medicare and medicaid; naval ship yards; road grants etc, So you see it is all in prospective and maybe, just maybe, you break down your stat. and it becomes inaccurate. Regardless we can not sustain this gov't spending any more and keep our freedom.

    1. in the interest of open discussion I accepted this comment...in the interest of clarity, I'm not sure what "freedom" is in jeopardy here, other than the freedom to say one thing and do another thing....