Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3,628 people killed by guns since Newtown....

In case you were wondering, more than 3,628 Americans have died from gunshot wounds since Dec. 14, when a crazy shooter killed 20 first-graders and several adults in Newtown, CT.

That's about 28 people each and every day.

And by the way, about 130 gun permits were issued to some of the 27,000 residents of Newtown last year. In the three months since the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there were 79 applications for gun permits. "20 kids were shot, so I need a gun" ???????  That's not what I said when I heard about it ……

We have too many guns in America.
Too many dead people.

The average household in America has more guns than balloons.
We need more balloons, fewer guns.

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