Thursday, April 18, 2013

Plain truth: shame in the Senate

Plain question: why do we accept this?

Plain truth: 90% of Americans want expanded, more strict background checks for gun purchasers.

Plain truth: a majority of the Senate voted for more comprehensive background checks yesterday.

Plain truth: a powerful lobby representing gun manufacturers and a small minority of gun owners pushed a minority of 46 Senators to vote "No," and they prevailed because the Senate hobbles itself with the 60-vote threshold.

Plain truth: 46 Senators acted in their own self-interest (re-election) and continued to let partisan ideology get in the way of doing what's right for America and Americans.

Plain question: why do we accept this? why do we keep re-electing these people?

Plain question: why aren't the news media using the words "shame" and "shameful" in their dispirited reporting on this failure in the Senate?


  1. Republicans suck! This is shameful

    1. so much for comments that "clarify, enlighten, or persuade". It is amusing though as to it's naivete do to fact it was the over reach of Harry Reed a Dem. in trying to get the back ground check passed but no amendments. By the way who is the whip in the senate??? Durban of Ill. and he didn't know they didn't have the votes....right. It's politics as usual and Mr.Smith fell for it, now that is closer to the plain truth.

    2. Sadly, a big part of the problem is that there are people who don't care about expanding background checks and outlawing automatic weapons...Anonymous can try to make political points, but that doesn't help keep guns out of the hands of crazy people who want to kill first graders....

    3. I've thought about you comment...What bills and/or discussion took place about how to define the crazies so that it they would be caught in a background check. Hell Lindsey Lohan could buy a gun under the bill presented and she's been in more institutes and have more problems with the police than Ma Barker. The bill was short sighted and a political ploy.