Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elections for sale (part 3)

I'm not beating a dead horse. I'm beating the drum for more sanity in our democratic elections. So far in the current presidential primary season, more than $53 million has been spent for political advertising, much of it of the slimy-innuendo-sandwiched-between-half-truths-and-hate variety. The bulk of that colossal disgusting total has been spent by Super PACs that are largely funded by shadowy people and organizations with way too much money.

Just take half a minute to think about the impact of this huge, horribly legal spending of very wealthy Americans who are trying to buy acceptance for their point of view.

When they "put their money where their mouths are," they do it in a big way, much bigger than almost everyone else can manage.

The flood of cash from the rich, the few and the furious doesn't take away your vote. It swamps your vote and drowns out your voice and puts in office too many politicians who aren't inclined to listen to you after they take office.

They hear the sound of money and a drum beat that I don't like to hear. How about you?

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