Saturday, December 22, 2012

Boehner's GOP majority slinks away….

According to Reuters, about 60 of the 234 Republicans in the House would have voted "No" on Boehner's failed "Plan B", and most of the rest were reluctant "yes" votes.

This is not respectable minority leadership by the Republicans.

We all know that we have to raise taxes as part of the very important determination to get federal spending and revenue in balance. Congress will never ever cut enough spending to do the job without tax hikes, because Americans want most of the federal government services and benefits that we presently have.

Look, plain and simple, too many Republicans in the House were just afraid to vote to raise taxes on ANYBODY because they didn't want to have to stand up for it at the next primary election.

That's not vision. That's not leadership. That's just sloppy, dangerous, self-serving ideology.

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  1. Aren't we all in this together? Don't we all use the give aways by the federal gov't? Shouldn't we all be repronsible for 16 trillion dollars in debt. Well, by damn, let's increase all our taxes, rich, poor and inbetween!! Isn't it a "progressive income tax" anyway? It truly is a spending problem and can only be cured by cuts even if we go to 100% taxes.