Sunday, December 30, 2012

Republicans forcing "fiscal cliff" dive?

It's appalling.

Yes, yes, of course it's true that both Republicans and Democrats are refusing to reach an agreement to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff" disaster that is looming over America with a deadline tomorrow (Dec. 31).

Yes, yes, it's also true that the Republicans are the ones throwing the wrenches in the works. The blame is all theirs if the hated (by some) tax hikes and hated (by some) spending cuts all happen on January 1.

Let's just say it straight: the Republicans at this point apparently want the "fiscal cliff" disaster to happen, so they can claim that they're riding to the rescue of the country by approving tax hikes on the very wealthy.

It's obvious, at this point, that too many Republicans don't want to sign on to a negotiated compromise package  ---  heck, the GOP backbenchers wouldn't even pass their own Speaker's deceptively partisan proposal in the House.

Our government is in disarray. It's not functioning. Members of the Senate and the House are fatuously failing to do what's right for America right now, and yet they know they're going to do some version of it within a few days, after a politically-motivated delay.

It's appalling.

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