Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too many guns….

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Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut….it's not too disgusting for words.

Try these words.

Imagine 20 dead kids sprawled on the floors, with bloody bullet holes in their little bodies.

Imagine 6 dead adults crumpled in pools of blood right next to them.

Imagine the legally smiling face of the legal gun dealer who's going to sell a legal gun to the next crazed mass killer.

Imagine yourself letting this happen.

We're going to let this happen unless we start doing something different.

If you're not going to do something about it, you're not going to do anything about it.

Too many guns.

Too many dead people.

Too many tears.

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  1. Lately I have been thinking that maybe it would be necessary for someone to leak a shocking image of one of the slain students for people to see. My thinking is that I worry that the president and progressive legislators will eventually let this all die down and nothing changes, until something like this happens again (...and again).