Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The wisdom of David L. Thompson

David L. Thompson was a brave New Yorker who went to war to serve his country after the shots were fired at Fort Sumter in 1861.

He marched with about 110,000 of his countrymen, to Antietam Creek in Maryland on September 17, 1862. On that grisly day, nearly 23,000 men fighting under blue and gray flags were killed or wounded in vicious, up-close combat…

"In a second the air was full of the hiss of bullets and the hurtle of grape-shot---the whole landscape for an instant turned slightly red. We heard all through the war that the army 'was eager to be led against the enemy.' The truth is, when the bullets are whacking against tree trunks and solid shot are cracking skulls like egg-shells, the consuming passion in the breast of the average man is to get out of the way."
                                 David L. Thompson, Company G
                                 9th New York Volunteer Infantry

A salute to Mr. Thompson and all those like him who have served our country.

A deeply respectful salute to all those in the American armed forces who went to war and weren't able to get out of the way.

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