Monday, December 10, 2012

Will Madonna run for president in 2016 ???

Will Madonna run for president in 2016  ???

Yeah, I know, ewwwwwww!

But seriously, speculating about the one-time Material Girl's chances for the White House is just about as useful as guessing whether Hillary will run, or whether Rubio will be the GOP's champion…

No one knows who the Democratic and Republican nominees will be four years hence, and no one can make a good guess…too many variables, too much time….

Now if old Hillary wants to make a public announcement saying she's throwing her hat into the ring, I'm all ears……if Marco wants to make it official right now, I want to know that…

But I'm promising myself that I just won't pay any attention at all to the endless pundit speculation and blogosphere gossiping about who might run and who might win, it's all bellywash, it's nothing but ignorance wrapped up in ephemeral bloviation…..

I'm going to do the smart, healthy thing:  ignore it.

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