Monday, December 31, 2012

Higher taxes…it's about time

No Republican in Congress has voted for a tax increase since 1990.

That's not fiscal responsibility, it's insanity.
Inflation in the U.S. has averaged about 2.7% every year since 1990. It's hard to believe, but prices in general are up more than 80% in the last 22 years.

The stuff that governments buy or pay for, like Medicare health costs, highways, bridges, armies, food inspections, education, snow removal, and all that other stuff, gets more expensive every year.
Yet, Congress has repeatedly cut tax rates in the last two decades.

Our federal deficit has been growing every year.
Yet, Congress has repeatedly cut tax rates in the last two decades.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been going in the wrong direction on taxes.

We all want all the stuff and services that government provides. Most of us want to reduce the federal deficit.

It's about time that we start raising taxes on everybody.

OK, we'll exempt the very poor.

But let's be honest, a lot of folks who make less than $250,000 need to pay more taxes too.

And the very wealthy need to pay a much bigger chunk of their fair share.


  1. Believe it or not 2012 was the third largest revenue(tax collection) in the history of the you really think it is a tax problem and not a spending problem. What cuts has The Prez. put forth??? And what is the Fed doing? We are headed to Greece because we can't pay our bills and taxes aren't the answer.But you are right in that everyone should pay them but wrong because as inflation bumps up expenses it also bumps up income and we get taxed at a higher rate. It's all a vicious circle. Happy new year!

  2. Anonymous missed my point: our feckless representatives in Washington have been authorizing every higher spending, and at the same time cutting taxes, it's not a vicious circle --- it's a vicious swirl in the toilet.