Monday, January 30, 2012

We should pay higher taxes...

I'm willing to say it right up front: I'm willing to pay higher taxes to get the things I want, like better roads and bridge repair, better education, better research on alternative energy sources, better mass transit, you name it…

Your list likely has some different items on it, but every single one of us uses or enjoys infrastructure and services, including many "public goods," that only "society" (i.e., all of us) can provide because no individual can do it and no private organization will do it.

Bridges will not be magically repaired if we cut taxes and cut government spending.

Sure, I strongly support cutting wasteful government spending…but that doesn't repair bridges or improve public education.

And crowd-pleasing, partisan calls to "cut taxes" as a political party platform (whether by Democrats or Republicans) are blind to the very destructive current and future effects of doing so.

A Washington Post editorial on the Bush tax cuts

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