Monday, March 18, 2013

"I got the PFA, but he still has a gun…"

Take John, for instance. He hits his wife, Jane, and physically abuses the kids. She got a "Protection From Abuse" order against him, and the judge told John to stay away from her, but the judge can't take John's guns away from him. Sadly, John is one of the abusers who's going to kill Jane with a gun.

Thank the National Rifle Association for that. For the last 20 years the NRA has been doggedly blocking federal and state efforts to require those named in protection orders to give up their guns. That's shameful, lethal ideology at work.

The New York Times reports that "Intimate partner homicides account for nearly half the women killed every year…More than half of these women are killed with a firearm."

The Times estimates that 20 per cent of the women killed by a spouse or partner had obtained a protection order against the killer. Thanks to the NRA, the "protection" part didn't work for those women.


  1. II is a felony to possess a gun when you are under a family restraining order. That's the law in most state and federally. It is against the law to commit murder whether with or without a gun. Why all this panic about gun control when the laws are already on the books. It is politician trying to look good after Sandy Hook and prosecutors not prosecuting. Not one new or old law would have saved those kids or O.J.s ex-wife.

    1. The point is: bad people with guns shoot people who have obtained PFAs, and judges usually don't act to take the guns away. We should change that, and honor the word "protection" in "protection from abuse"......and we should condemn the NRA for trying to keep guns in the hands of the bad people who shoot people who have obtained PFAs.