Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yes, we do want universal background checks for gun buyers

A recent poll by Johns Hopkins confirms that 89 per cent of Americans want to require background checks for all firearms sales, including private, person-to-person sales.

Plain and simple. We don't want bad guys or crazy folks buying guns.

What part of this almost unanimous public opinion doesn't our Congress understand?

What is taking our elected representatives so long?

Why aren't they doing their job?

We have too many guns.
Too many dead people.

Let's start changing that.


  1. How many laws are already on the books about felons having weapons that are not prosecuted??? How many felons would be caught with a universal background search? D o you really think that the average criminal is that stupid?? How would a back ground check find out if you are a lunatic waiting to explode and kill 26 kids in school??? So if you go to a psychiatrist you get put on a list??? Maybe some of these points have merit and our pols. are trying to find the answers or are they just in the pocket of the NRA??? Or is a universal background search impeding the rights of law abiding citizens guaranteed under the 2nd amendment??

    1. Anonymous has a point of view, but it does nothing to help solve our gun death problem.