Thursday, October 4, 2012

A couple comments on the presidential debate

Full disclosure: I'm going to vote (again) for President Obama on Nov. 6.

Mitt Romney: the same old song ---- mostly general statements, no details; repeated claims that the marketplace and the private sector "do it better" than the government; repeated references to "small business" without defining the "small business" category (hint: it includes lots of "big" small businesses…); he gave a partisan presentation, with dogmatic, familiar talking points.

President Obama: the same old song ---- a fairly well-reasoned exposition of his position and vision for improving the economy and the marketplace and health care and social safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare; he gave a partisan presentation, with backup details.

No secret here, I'm wearing Obama-colored glasses.

I didn't learn much that was new from either one.

Advice for debate watchers

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  1. Obama-colored glasses you say? Hell it doesn't sound like you listen to the debate at all and those glasses covered the fact that your eyes were closed. Maybe someone can explain the logic and facts where $250,000 makes you wealthy no matter what your expenses are or were you live. Obama's entire economics is based on this fictitious and fact less number. Many middle class citizens make this and more and yet aren't rich.