Saturday, October 20, 2012

The final debate…it's not the end

The final presidential debate is on Monday night, 9 pm, Oct. 22.

It won't be the end of the campaign, unless Romney has an attack of conscience and actually admits that he came to Earth on a starship from the planet Muni-Mula…..

But I'm afraid the news media and the cable TV talking heads won't get this message.

I'm afraid they're hoping to be able to call the winner at 10:30 pm Monday night.

I'm afraid they're going to be straining to grab the sound bite, or the video clip, or the gaffe, or the flub, or the fleeting eye-roll, or the momentary facial expression that they can endlessly cite as the signal that one candidate's race for the presidency is over….

I'm afraid that too much of the "post-debate analysis" will be about some transitory look on a candidate's face, or the curl of a lip, or the all-too-telling arch of an eyebrow.

Unless Romney unquestionably displays some heartless conservative sneer, or President Obama without a doubt shows off a grubby socialist smirk, I think facial expressions should be off-limits in the endless rounds of post-debate critique that we know is coming…

I think, by law, at least 10% of the talking head/pundit/blogosphere analysis should be about campaign issues and what the candidates actually said.

Oh yeah, one other thing: unless Romney is actually prepared to say that the Obama administration deliberately decided not to protect our diplomats in Benghazi, I think he should let that over-hyped issue fade away and talk about other stuff like nukes in Iran and that kind of thing….

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