Monday, October 15, 2012

" better..." --- says who?

I'm disturbed by all the media/pundit predictions that President Obama will "do better" in the second debate.

Full disclosure: I'm going to vote (again) for President Obama. I want him to do well in the second debate. In fact I agree that Romney was strong in the first debate, but I thought President Obama did a pretty good job, too.

But my definition of a good debate is a whole lot different from the definition of a lot of folks, like committed Romney supporters, for instance. How would they define a "better" performance by President Obama?

In fact, the same people who are relentlessly and ambiguously predicting a "better" performance are the ones who are going to judge the debate outcome -- the news media and the cable TV talking heads are setting themselves up to decide whether President Obama will "do better."

That's not their job.

And by the way: I think if you don't personally watch the whole debate (live or replay) you should go ahead and admit that you don't really have an opinion about it….

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