Monday, October 22, 2012

The third debate…..Watch it!

Last presidential debate, 9 pm, Monday night, Oct. 22.

I don't think the debates are changing too many minds. Faithful supporters of both candidates are mostly being confirmed by what they see and hear in the debates, and the so-called undecided voters probably aren't paying much attention.

The news media and the cable TV talking heads are more interested in the debates than we are -- they're breathlessly seizing on the sound bite stuff, and they're breathlessly keeping score on who "jabbed a finger" and "won" and who "did better than expected"....

In fact, the media and the talking heads are relentlessly and ambiguously predicting each candidate's debate performance, and the media and talking heads have set themselves up to judge the debate performances and the debate outcomes......

That's not their job.

That's our job.

…and by the way, if you don't watch the whole debate, tomorrow you should just stand up and admit that you don't have a fully informed opinion about it.

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