Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Couple comments on the third debate….

I wasn't really looking for a deep lesson in strategic geopolitics, which is a good thing, because President Obama and Romney didn't spend too much time in their last debate on fundamental foreign policy issues.

Yeah, both men put their campaign-tested "positions" up on the white board…that stuff is tactical, historical, pretty much the same old stuff, including some of the you-said-no-I-didn't stuff…

…and for my taste, the president should have called Romney's bluff when the challenger once again went into his silly thespian mode to beat up on China, Romney as president would never do all the aggressive stuff he claims he would do to put the dunce cap on China, we don't want and we can't afford a trade war or any other kind of war with China…

I was hoping there might be some reflection on America's strategic international interests, over and above keeping Iran away from nuclear weapons, like some comment on our alliance with Europe, Middle East oil supplies, global climate change, our strategic naval supremacy throughout the world's oceans, substantial talk instead of bluster on commercial trade issues….

Maybe next time…











  1. AS to who should of said what... just think what countries an American tourist can travel safely to now as opposed to 4 years ago. Thank god for Canada. Maybe we ought to have a new foreign policy with a new leader!

  2. I guess I "could of" deleted this comment from Anonymous, but I decided to let it stand, even the credulous and distracted among us are entitled to express an opinion.....

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