Friday, October 12, 2012

A couple comments on the Veep debate

Full disclosure: I'm going to vote (again) for President Obama on Nov. 6.

Paul Ryan: about what I expected --- he doubled down on all of the Romney campaign themes, he gave the "Romney" answer on issues, like abortion and social safety nets, for which he and Romney have different convictions, he was prescriptive, he was partisan, he refused many times to give details about Romney's proposed governing policies

Vice President Biden: about what I expected --- he pushed all of the Obama campaign buttons, he called out Ryan and congressional Republicans for their partisan intransigence, he emphasized domestic issues, he was partisan, he pointed out discrepancies in Romney's tax proposals, several times he spoke directly to American voters and urged them to vote with their own self interests clearly in mind

I don't think I learned anything new from either one. You know who I rooted for…

And I'm making a personal pledge to avoid reading or listening to the post-debate "analysis" by the news media and the cable TV talking heads, I've never listened much to chattering magpies and I'm not about to start now….

And by the way: I think if you didn't personally watch the whole debate you should go ahead and admit that you don't really have an opinion about it….

A couple comments on the first presidential debate

Debate watching thoughts....

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