Friday, October 26, 2012

"Frankenstorm" ?...ohmygawd….


Now we know what happens when "Storm Of The Century" isn't enough hype.

What the heck ever happened to the good old days? Y'know, when the barber or the mailman or your neighbor would have said, "Hey, did ya hear, there's a bad storm coming in, it's gonna be a lollapalooza!"

Where's Wally Kinnan when we need him? If the former ace Philadelphia area TV weatherman is still alive, I know he's in pain….

A word of caution to cable TV talking heads and weather celebs and meteorologists everywhere:

Step away from the Frankenstorm. It's eating your mind.

Musings of a dog walker....

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  1. Let's wait an see before you become too cavalier about the weather and talking heads. Notice there hasn't been a blog Sandy censoring you or have you pissed off the weather gods?