Thursday, January 26, 2012

Elections For Sale? (part 2)

"Another $5 million," just like cutting another piece of pie…..

See "Another $5 million"...  Some rich folks in Las Vegas decided to dump another $5 million into the Florida Republican presidential primary, to pay for pro-Newt Gingrich ads that might just happen to say a few nasty things about Romney and the other candidates, and to support campaign infrastructure for Gingrich, all within the sleazy dictates of the Supreme Court decision allowing the monstrous "Super PACs" and similar organizations to try to buy this election.

Here's a recap of some sentiments I posted earlier:

If you care about freely determined election outcomes, and if you care about openness and accessibility in the political process, and if you care about the implication of our commitment to "one man, one vote," then you should take a moment to think about the impact of the huge spending of very wealthy Americans who are trying to buy acceptance for their point of view.

When they "put their money where their mouths are," they do it in a big way, much bigger than almost everyone else can manage.
That's the problem with unlimited personal and organization and corporate spending on political campaigns. It distorts and destroys the American ideal of "one man, one vote" because it greases the campaigns and facilitates the success of ideologically driven and ideologically enthralled candidates. It greases the campaigns and contributes to the success of candidates who are willing to take a lot of money from a few people—is their motive hard to figure out? Is it hard to understand the voting records of such elected representatives? Is it hard to figure out who they represent?

The flood of cash from the rich, the few and the furious doesn't take away your vote. It swamps your vote and drowns out your voice and puts in office too many politicians who aren't prepared to listen to you after they take office.

They hear the sound of money. It's not a tune I like to hear. How about you?

Elections for sale (part 1)

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