Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The muscular factions, those poor babies...

It's a new low for George Will. His January 6 column in the Washington Post on "Government: The redistributionist behemoth" basically says that the 99% have lured the 1% to take control and take a great big chunk of nearly everything. Big government is the terrible magnet, says George, and it's all the fault of the liberals. "Drat," those muscular factions at the top must be muttering, "they got us."

Liberal ready to trap a "faction"

Here's George's opening salvo: "Liberals have a rendezvous with regret. Their largest achievement is today’s redistributionist government. But such government is inherently regressive: It tends to distribute power and money to the strong, including itself. Government becomes big by having big ambitions for supplanting markets as society’s primary allocator of wealth and opportunity. Therefore it becomes a magnet for factions muscular enough, in money or numbers or both, to bend government to their advantage."

George Will's entire column

Nicely said, George, of course, you are a wordsmith. But wait a minute, George, you say it's all really OUR fault? It's the Liberals who created "redistributionist government" that attracted all those "muscular factions" that have the cash and power to "bend government to their advantage"? Sorry, George, ALL governments attract those evil muscular factions, or, more fundamentally, ALL those evil muscular factions take control of ALL governments. It seems like it's liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, but underneath it's just the horrid game of politics and power.

Liberal enforcer

George, this disingenuous column could've been written by a schoolboy, but you wrote it. One way to read it is the way you wrote it.

The other way to read it is: "the 99% have blindly and contemptibly made it possible for the 1% to take control and take more than their share." That smells bad, George. Please admit that what you wrote isn't simply an innocent mistake.

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