Sunday, January 22, 2012

Like, Omigaw!? Water torture, 2012 style…

Remember when one of your parents would yell "Turn off that faucet while you're brushing your teeth!"? Well, here's another reason to do it:

Seems that a gentleman who lived alone in Port Colbourne, Ontario, Canada, died whilst the water was running in his bathroom sink. He was found three weeks later. Yup, the water ran for three whole weeks.

The town fathers have unblinkingly sent the family of the deceased a $600 water bill after refusing to waive the charge in these, um, exceptional circumstances. I can well imagine the clerk in the Port Colbourne Water Bureau righteously declaring, "Ma'am, if we do it for your dead father, we'd have to do it for everybody's dead father."

About 19,000 people live in Port Colbourne. It would cost them about 3 cents each to forgive this unusual bill and ease the minds of the gent's family.

I'm no dummy. I've already updated my "Last Wishes Regarding My Death" document in case I am found dead in any circumstances that include plumbing connected to any municipal water supply, thus:

"If I am found in an apparent state of death, it is my wish that someone should call 911 immediately and then check to make sure that all water faucets are turned off, and remember to check the basement sink and also the backyard hose spigot."

You make your own decision about what you want to do.

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