Friday, January 6, 2012

Objective political reporting about primary politics?...

I am very cautious about using the word “objective’ in any sentence that includes the words “political” and “reporting” and “politics”………caveat lector

This seems to be a potentially interesting web site:   Politics In Stereo   it features reporters and bloggers in the states with imminent primary elections.

The setup is pretty obvious:
From The Left, Non-Partisan, and From The Right, with the views and opinions of folks who more or less fit those categories.

The current offerings are a rather eclectic collection of posts on politicos and primary sound bites in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida and Nevada.

You can sign up for email alerts. I did.

From the web site:
“Nathan Gonzales is Founder and Publisher of Politics in Stereo. He’s also Deputy Editor of The Rothenberg Political Report, a well-respected non-partisan newsletter that covers campaigns and elections.”

Gawd knows, we need more non-partisan newsletters!

Check it out, see for yourself, make your own judgment.

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  1. Hi Rick- Thanks for checking us out. We're trying to line up more states as we expand across the country. Thanks again for giving a chance.