Monday, January 16, 2012

President Obama: the long view...

Here it is, a retrospective on President Obama's first term that offers some much-needed realpolitik context for what he's done and hasn't done.

Andrew Sullivan on The Daily Beast hits so many nails right on the head. The president of course has disappointed many of those who so enthusiastically voted for him in 2008 (including me), but we should rethink the pain…and if you backed McCain, at least give Sullivan a hearing, his column is a mostly thoughtful commentary, not a rant.

Cheers to Andrew Sullivan, this hits home!

Sullivan: "What liberals have never understood about Obama is that he practices a show-don’t-tell, long-game form of domestic politics. What matters to him is what he can get done, not what he can immediately take credit for."

I'm convinced that the reasons for my disappointment, mostly, can be traced to the partisan intransigence of far too many congresspersons from both political parties. Roughly speaking, Sullivan says that President Obama takes the long and consciously liberal/progressive view, while other power brokers on both sides of the aisle in Washington are hip-deep in politics as usual, short-term re-election concerns, selling their votes to lobbyists or the 1%, and baldly ignoring the communal welfare of most Americans.

The president doesn't get a bye for what he hasn't done, but I give him credit for what he has done and, importantly, what he's tried to do.

If the current political scene were less vile and tendentious, he might have been able to do more.

Four more years. That's the ticket.

Another source of some balanced political reporting

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