Saturday, January 14, 2012

Political parties withering, not dead yet...

Just a quickie, here: the Gallup Poll reports that the percentage of Americans who self-identify as political "Independents" is at 40%, the highest figure tallied during the last six decades of Gallup polling.

The percentages of Americans claiming to be either Republican or Democrat are at the lowest levels in 23 years: 31% say they're Democrats, 27% say they're Republicans.

Gallup says Independents are increasing

The Pew Research Center says it doesn't matter if you are an Independent, Democrat or Republican – it's a good bet that you believe it's the politicians in Congress, not the political system, who are the problem. In all three categories, more than half say that it's the politicians who've screwed up.

Pew Research confirms voters distrust the pols

This general denigration is also reflected in the much-publicized fact that 9 out of 10 Americans disapprove of what our Congressional representatives are doing in Washington.

The putative "loyal base" of the parties, whether Dem or Repub, is shrinking. How many folks who claim to be adherents of one or the other are really satisfied with what their party stands for and what their party leaders and pols are actually doing, in the legislative halls and on the campaign trail?

Is it really meaningful to claim party loyalty in the current circus of fractious partisanship and anonymous fat cats who're trying to buy elections with negative advertising costing many millions? What if 80% of the electorate decided to switch their voting registration to "Independent"? What if "Independent" is becoming the new "base"?

I'm waiting for the cable news talking heads to dig into this one.

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