Monday, January 2, 2012

The Iowa caucuses: much ado about the few, the partisan

A small minority of voting age Iowans are going to caucus tonight and vote for the Republican presidential candidates of their choice. The Iowa caucuses attract something like one-seventh of one percent of Americans who can vote. The news media and TV talking heads will invest great importance in what they do. The candidates will spin it. If you don't live in Iowa, how much do you care?

I am not breathless waiting for the results. The Iowa caucuses have only infrequently identified the ultimate nominees in past presidential races. If you had to pay to get the actual results, would you?

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  1. It is 2:54 pm EST. The Wall Street Journal is live blogging the caucuses with this stirring entry at 2:34 -- "Ron Paul looks for a win in Iowa. Rick Santorum is hoping for an upset as Newt Gingrich fades. Mitt Romney clings to the lead." The weird thing is that there are 28 comments posted right now. WAK